The benefits of gift card packaging

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5 Reasons to use gift card packaging:

Gift card packaging is an upcoming trend

More and more retailers offer their customers the option to use gift cards. The U.S. is a few years ahead of Europe in the growth of the gift card market with gift cards being fully established there. The packaging of the gift card plays an important role in the US. And packaging is also becoming more important in Europe.

Gift card packaging makes gift cards more appealing

Nearly everyone likes to receive or give a gift card. This success is due to the convenience for the giver and the freedom of choice for the receiver. However, there's one major disadvantage which influences the sale of gift cards:

Consumers think gift cards are often unoriginal, boring and impersonal. Research has shown that 48% of consumers think that gift cards look too simple and 43% believe that gift cards are not packed nicely. 34% of consumers even claim that the gift cards have a lack of fantasy.

All these problems can be tackled with good gift card packaging. The packaging gives the gift card an attractive appearance. The gift card can be personalised by adjusting the artwork to make room for a personal message. 33% of consumers say they would buy more gift cards if they were available in better packages!

Gift card packaging will increase your turnover

Many retailers think of additional costs where gift card packaging is concerned. This doesn't have to be the case. We know from research and experience that consumers are willing to pay extra for better gift card packaging. At a price of € 1 - € 2,50, more than half of consumers interviewed would have purchased the gift card packaging!

Usable as POS Material

Gift card packaging is a perfect way to attract attention to your gift card programme. Much of our packaging can be manufactured with an Eurolock to fit your existing shelving and displays. We also offer displays which stimulate impulse purchasing. Showing the packaging to potential buyers will increase the sale of gift cards. Placing a logo on the packaging is also a good way to boost your brand.

Optimized for mailing

Because more and more gift cards are sold online, the possibility to send the package by post is also an important factor.

We offer various mail solutions for card products. For example: we developed a unique Mailpack which fits our DigiSmart products perfectly.

Some of our packaging is suitable for automatic card fulfilment or can be easily modified for this solution. This fulfilment process takes place on a FACT secure production site. Card fulfilment in combination with printed personalisation or barcode or a combination of printing and reading is possible. Please feel free to ask for the possibilities.

More information

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