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DigiSmart®: the leading standard in (gift)card packaging. The patented DigiSmart® tray gives it outstanding appeal.

A distinctive, handsome and convenient way to enhance your product!


Size 139.5 x 125.5 x 6 mm (closed)
  285 x 251 x 6 mm (open)
Quantity > 1,000 pcs.
Cardboard GC1
Printing 4/0 process colours (CMYK)
& UV gloss or matt lacquer
Tray transparant moulded polystyrene
Extra suitable for barcode scanning
  cross form, 6-8 pages (or more) and different die-cut slots and sleeves for booklets possible
  tray can hold 1 PVC card


Possible options

  • spot lacquer
  • lamination
  • embossing
  • foil stamping
  • eco-friendly production
  • other boards
  • matching O-ring with Eurolock available
  • matching mail pack envelope available (Direct Mail solution)
  • matching slip case available
  • midsize