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Target audience

  • When it comes to presents, mostly women decide which present will be bought
  • Gift cards are most often bought by people from 20 to 45 years old
  • Gift cards are given to people of all ages
  • Most gift cards are worth 5 to 25 euro
  • The average value of gift cards is 16 euro
  • Men spend more on gift cards than women

What people think of giftcards

  • 87,3% likes to receive a gift card
  • 84,3% thinks gift cards are useful presents
  • 71,1% likes to give a gift card
  • 63,9% thinks gift cards should be available at multiple places (such as gas stations and supermarkets)
  • 47,4% thinks that gift cards look to simple
  • 42,6% believes that gift cards are not packed nice enough
  • 33,7% claim that gift cards have a lack of fantasy
  • 33,3% would buy more gift cards if they would have a nice package
  • 30,7% think that giving a gift card is equal to giving money

Where do consumers pay attention to when purchasing a gift card

  • Appearance
  • Where the card be exchanged
  • If the image of the store fits with the receivers
  • Packaging

Why consumers buy gift cards

  • 91% Birthday
  • 24% No reason
  • 19% Christmas
  • 16% Wedding
  • 16% Graduation
  • 11% Business relation

Most important advantages according to consumers

  • Receiver can choose own present
  • Convenient present
  • Handy size
  • Remaining credit stays valid
  • Giver can choose the value
  • Always appropriate
  • Better than giving money

Most important disadvantages according to consumers

  • Unpersonal
  • Not original / boring
  • Limited choice
  • Limited validity
  • Too small
  • Receivers forget to exchange the card
  • Wallet is already full with cards

Most important requirements for gift cards according to consumers

  • Attractive appearance
  • Handy size
  • Original
  • Durable
  • Personalisation
  • Easy to use
  • Multiple graphical themes

Important trends in the gift card market

  • Personalisation
  • Experiences as presents
  • Gift boxes
  • Eco friendly production
  • Branding loyalty
  • Wellness
  • Graphical themes

About this research

These facts and figures are the result of research initiated by AGI van de Steeg. We used the following research methods in order to develop packaging which meets all the requirements:

  • Depth interviews with 10 large retailer companies and gift card concept holders in the Netherlands and Belgium
  • Survey with 50 Dutch consumers

Desk research

We also used relevant information from other researchers'. The most important sources are:

  • Stored Value Benelux, Research Giftvouchers and -cards (April 2006). Quantitive research with 3380 consumers by Dutch panel Q & A Research
  • Seastone, Gift Card Packaging Study (February 2008)
  • Top 5 gift-giving trends (December 2008)
  • (multiple articles)
  •, 2006 Gift Card Study (2006)
  • Retail Trends, Gift Card market for mega-growth (July 2008)
  • Dutch Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS)